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Entry 38 // Kisumu kids

Update by: Luke | March 28th, 2011

This is a short little entry, but it deserves to be remembered, after all this is just a place where I write down my thoughts so I can look back and remember. After we got the bikes squared away, Nick and I went out for a walk with the camera. We have been here for a week, but we got so comfortable and out of our traveling routne that we didn't take any pictures of the village. It's now or never because we plan to leave in the morning.

We made friends with the kids pretty fast. the little ones love to sneak up on you and grab your hand. It's pretty funny and cute and all that stuff. Kind of makes you want to have kids and a family for yourself. The kids love posing. Their posing means fighting stances or looking like you have had a stroke.Even the littlest of kids knows that you are supposed to stand on one foot.Kids are so awesome. They have excitement and show emotion. They are real.






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