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Entry 45 // The Journey to Ethiopia Day 7 of 7

Update by: Nick | April 1st 2011

We woke up to the sound of people outside our tent watching us sleep. It's hard to sleep any longer under those conditions, so we got out of bed. Once we were out the bed the crowd watching us got even bigger.Time to hit the road and get to Addis Ababa today. This should be easy. 80 kilometers us the road there is a gas statiion and probably a place to get some good ethiopian food. mmmm....ethiopian food! We get to the town in no time. Luke needs money so our first priority is a bank. There are no ATMs in this town. According to the bank teller the neareest atm is in Addis Ababa. Luke decides to exchange some american money. Now that we have money we grab some feedbags. You can't go wrong with the food in Ethiopia.Time to find gas. We go to the gas station and they tell us they don't have any. They say the nearest gas is 35 kilometers away. We remember seeing a gas staion one kilometer back and decide to see if they have any gas. Same story. The nearest is 35 k away. This is going to be close. We both only have 35 kilometers worth of gas left. No one around here has fuel so we have no choice but to go for it.
Because you have to nowBefore we get to the city that has gas we see two more gas stations. Neither has gas, but we do find some black market stuff. We both buy two liters to make sure we can make it to the city. Luke is noticing a lot of clothes he wants. So he tries to do some trading. The clothes he wants aren't for sale. They are just clothes he sees on random kids. The kids aren't interested in trading him their shirt for his dirty tanktop. Lukes out of luck. Before we leave he spots a pretty sweet belt buckle. Texes has nothing on Ethiopia in the cool belt buckel department.We roll into the town with gas with little to spare. we get to the first gas staion and see the guy waving us away. This is what they do everytime they don't have any. We stop anyway to ask. No gas. We go to 5 gas stations and hear the same story. Maybe their is some truth to what the shady people were telling us about no gas because of Libya. Finally we find gas. Thank you NOC station. The price wan't even rediculous.
Now we are hungry again so it's time to find some grub. We get out the town before we see anything we want. 20 kilometers down the road we see a village with a restraunt. We have some really good spaghetti and wash it down with a coke. By now we know the coffee in ethiopia is amazing and cheap, so we have a after lunch coffee, while a huge crowd gathers around to watch.In the crowd we see some interesting stuff. We've noticed the guys in Ethiopia hold hands a lot. We find out this is normal. It's a sign of friendship and respect. Male friends holding hands is legit. Luke and I still pass.Now that our tanks are finally full of gas and so are our bellys, its time to make up some distance. This road is really fun to drive on. It's our first paved mountianous road with lots of curves. The bikes are loving it. During our drive we stop on the side of the road and kids run over instantly; so we take a few pictures. It's time to find gas again. We do the same song and dance as before. It take us 6 gas stations before we find one with gas. Once again it's a NOC station. We better start keeping an eye out for these. We have enough gas we can make it to Addis Ababa with no problem. Before we leave the gas station we look for a hotel in addis to stay at. Our guide books in our computer show a hotel that is also in the GPS. This is good one to start at and it seems fairly cheap.
We pull into addis a night and Luke spots an ATM. It works for his card but not mine. After weaving in and out of traffic we pull into our hotel. It pretty good. We have secure parking and it's around $7 a night. They have free internet, but only in the lobby. We get the room right above the lobby and snake the internet from our room. Now it's time to settle in and get some visas.

Here is a lilttle dinky video that Luke made while I was exchanging currency. It just gives you a "real" feel of what's going on.





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