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Entry 47 // Shaving, version 2

Update by: Luke | April 7st 2011

We don't have much to do today, so lets get a professional shave. This will be funny. It is funny. We don't speak the language and we get this old guy that has character written all over his face. Nick is up first. he just sits down and does a shaving motion with his hand, assuming he'll get a straight blade to take it all off.What Nick does get is a beard trimmer to cut down the length first. Then he goes for the sideburns, but leaves a goatee. Hmm...next he foams up his entire face. He uses a brand new disposable razer to clean shave his cheeks and neck.After about 20 minutes Nick is finally done with a fresh goatee. I don't know how the barber knew, but Nick usualy rocks the goatee. A quick combing of his hair and it's my turn.Hopefully the barber knows that I don't rock facial hair like Nick. I want a clean shave. Lets see how this goes. It starts off normal with triming the long hair down and soaping up.Twenty minutes later and I still have hair all over my face. He trimmed it down to a beard, with an artistic squiggly line under my chin. I'll take it. During the last half of my shave an angry man walks in demanding some money back. He was taken advantaged of for a hair cut he got yesterday that he paid 300 Bur for. It's supposted to be 15. Now he grabs some clippers and threatens to walk out. It's entertaining, and it helps us know what the correct price is. We pay for our shave and laugh about stlill having facial hair. It was a great experience and want to get massages next.

Of course i made a shaving video, enjoy!

DAY 85: Beards V2, a nice peaceful shave gets interrupted by a





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