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Entry 52 // Horsin' around

Update by: Luke | April 24th 2011

Once we finally settled on air freight, we had a few days to enjoy our last bit in Ethiopia. I called up my friend Dar in Kenya and threw out a crazy idea. Come visit us for the weekend. She called my bluff and I picked her up from the airport friday night at 4:00 a.m. The upside to picking someone up that late is that the roads are completely empty. No traffic is a nice change. The downside is the gas stations are closed, and I was on Nicks bike with the fuel light on. I kind of hope I don't run out of gas. His bike being a fancy BMW has a feature on the dash that tells you how many miles you have left before you run dry. Turns out his computer was right. I had enough gas to get back to the hotel. BMWs are kind of nice bikes.

Oh, the airport. You have to pay to enter. It's only 3 bur ( 20 cents) ,but it's pretty funny figuring it out. I walk inside and a gaurd asks for a ticket. I hand him my parking ticket, but that doesn't cut it. He points outside to a small fishing shanty, so I run down and buy the entrance ticket there. Back inside I get searched and walk through a metal dectector. I look at the flight board. 408 landed an hour ago. An hour early, that's strange. Dar finds me first and we take off.

Dar likes culture and history and stuff travelors are supposted to be interested in, so nautrally we go to the Anthropology museam that's on the campus of Addis Ababa. luckily cameras are not allowed, so there is no proof that I was actually in a museam. I think it's been 3 1/2 years since I was last inside one. That and the power was off, so half of the museam was pretty dark. Inside, I was suprised how much I already knew about Ethiopia. I recgonized the wooden "pillows" that the cattle hurders use in the south. I saw the leather vests that the woman wear near Kenya. I saw many different kinds of guns that the men carry to gaurd off the different tribes from stealing their livestock. This museam wasn't too bad to check out. It was small, and now I'm good for another 3 years.

Seid has been talking about motorcycles the enitre time we have been in Addis, but when he doesn't talk about them he talks about horses. He's been wanting us to go out to the country to ride with him. I'm really excited about this idea. I've never rode a horse in my life. My Merritt friends may find that hard to believe as there are horses everywhere and our small town has a rodeo ring. My dad even had a horse growing up, but I've never done many country boy things: milking cows, trapping beaver, riding horses. I shot a deer once, so I'm not worthless, but pretty close because I didn't even gut it myself. Needless to say. I'm excited and trying to convience Seid that I don't need a saddle or a helmet. He doesn't buy it. Infact he makes me sign a waver so I won't sue. Where am I?

I can't wait for the horses, I'm ansy. I try to teach Seid a game where you jump over each other head.Seids' turnI'll give him another try. He's never done this before.Ok, no more tries. He landed on my head both times. lets get these horses.
This is Dar, she has ridden horses many times before so she knows what's going on.I get the white horse, and give my camera to Dar. I get betterSeid is a good rider.The ride was through beautiful scenery in the mountains above Addis Ababa.It was a really fun ride. My horse was a little stubborn at first and uncontrollably stubborn at the end, but in the middle she did alright.At the end of the ride you could not control the horses anymore. If they wanted a drink they would stop for a drink.Seid came up from behind and passed me racing his horse to the stable. Mine took off and I went with it. There was no holdng her back. She sprinted down the trail after Seid. This was a full-out race with no worries of me on top. I loved this feeling. Yeah it was scarry, especially when she was heading for a tree with low branches. I pulled as hard as I could to the right and dipped down getting her to ver off to the side just enough to miss the branches. It was so much fun. I'd love to ride a horse again and next time no helmet, or saddle.




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