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Entry 55 // Instanbul Montage

Update by: Luke | May 3rd, 2011

We spent a week in Istanbul, but only 3 days getting our bikes cleared from customs. This is the abridged version of how it went down. First of all we each had our own day of being sick. On my day Ben and Nick went out to explore the city while I stayed in and slept seriously all day. The next day was Bens turn to stay in and sleep while Nick and I went out to see the city to check out some Mosques.Every town that has tourists has creative people in the area doing neat things trying to make a living. I've never seen this being done. Live lollypops.The guy was really fast at making them. At the end he adds lemon which I assume is supposed to harden the candy, but they end up turning into a big mess.Nick said his mom would be proud of this snack.We aimlessly walk around town looking at things in the big Bazaar like this.There are some really beautiful areas.It's really nice to "blend in" or at least not stick straight out in a crowd. We are not bothered once during our outing. No one is running up to us trying to get us to buy sunglasses. I appreciate this. I notice that I have changed. When I first went overseas as a senior in Paris I loved heckling with the street venders, seeing how good of a deal I could get. I am completely over that now. I don't care about buying trinkets. I like blending in.

Turkey is known for it's food. I might be making that up, I don't know. I do remember once watching Anthony Bourdane (I know it's spelled horribly) and (It cooler if you call yourself out first) do a show on Istanbul. He would not stop ranting and raving about the food. I know he is right when it comes to the fish sandwhiches on the river.I loved these, Nick doesn't like fish.I really liked these too. They called them meatballs, but to me they are sausages. speaking of things I like, I thought this was really cool.They are the parking police, and this operation was completely automatic. They never got out of the truck. Just using his mirrors the driver had the forks go under the car, lift it up and set it on the truck bed. This took less then a minute and he was off. Unbelievable. Speaking of Unbelievable, check out this water cistern that the people built a long time ago.It's pretty cool to check out. You just have to try to ignore all the people and merchants down there and just focus on how old this is and how hard it would be to build it. My favorate part is fish they have swimming around. That was a suprise.Kind of makes you wonder about the "tuna fish salad" they are selling a few yards away.This seemed to be what everyone was focusing on. Why is it upside down? I think so years later people would wonder why it's upside down.Building this must have been a huge pain. Speaking of pain, our next entry is going to be the Turkish Bath.

P.S. I am missing BMX




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