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Entry 60 // Romania

Update by: Luke | May 12th, 2011

In the morning we gas up and hit the road. It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring. The previous night, Nick and I decided to head more north east towards his girlfriends grand parrents home. Ben is wanting to go north east towards Denmark in order to make his deadline to be on Denmarks late night Television show. The problem is, we arn't sick of each others company yet. We want to continue on together. So we do for a bit, and I take this photo.BUT eventually we must seperate and we decide on the town of Pitesti to do this. It is the afternoon and sunny now, the rain has passed. It's beautiful. Ben picks a nice restaurant in the center. We order great food and people watch, reminiscing about the great times we have had together, and the struggles to get out of Africa.

I'm calling out best meal of the trip so far. This is chicken breast stuffed with cheesy stuff with ham and spices and more cheese on top. seasoned mashed potatoes and a fresh lemonaid top it off. Nick almost has his steak finished before I can get the picture. It was a great meal.It's kind of sad because we know we have to say goodbye. It's time to start this process with a group photo.Then it moves out side and Ben requests a strange picture. We are happy to oblige.Then come the hand stands.Ok, enough is enough. We part ways. Ben to the west and us to the east. Heading towards the mountains. We can probably make it to the grand parents tonight. That is unless we get distracted or have another break down. By the way. My bike is still running good. It's been about 250 miles now with no fault codes. The road we are taking to the grand parents place was once dubed the best road in the world by TV show Top Gear. The name of the road is Transfagarasan. You can do a google search and see videos of it. We didn't, but Nicks girlfriend said she puked seven during the route once when she was a kid. It sounds perfect!

As we leave the flats and start to follow a river up through the valley, we can see how beautiful this ride will be. If we continue on, we will make it to the grand parrents, but it will be in the dark and the rain. Not a great way to enjoy this road. We decide to camp and tackle the road in the morning. So we get off the main road and do a little exploring.It turns out that there is a little trail that follows a creek up a valley, while the main road climbs the cliffs above us.It is absolutly beautiful so we take some picture and whatnot. You can get these pictures for free.It's beautiful. This is the kind of exploring and camping we thought we would experience for most of the trip. Instead it's been rush and hurry to the major hub towns. Always behind schedule. Waiting for visa's, politics, etc. This is so nice to be able to take a day and relax. Flying to Istanbul more or us put us back on track schedule wise. It's so fun driving on this stuff we just keep driving until we come up on this. Imagine the suprise it was for us.We drive back to the meddow and set up camp.What a beautiful place we have found. It's my favorate camping location yet. No bugs, the sound of the stream. NO PEOPLE. It's perfect. To top it off we have an awesome road to drive on tomorrow. Life is so good right now.We like big fires.




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