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Entry 61 // Transfagarasan

Update by: Nick | May 12th 2011

Camping was amazing. It's been way to long since we've done it, plus this is the best area we've found yet. Now we get the whole day to drive on one of the best roads in the world. It doesn't take more than five minutes before we stop to take pictures of the road. They have really nice guardrails in RomaniaWe made it to the dam we saw from our camp the night before. I've been to Hoover Dam before, but I think this dam was much more impressive.The tunnels are equally impressive. They are the most crude tunnels I've ever seen.The road is great, but very busy since it's the weekend. Every pull off on the side of the road is full of cars barbequeing. It's too bad the weather sucks. After 40 k of great roads we start getting very excited. We keep climbing in elevation and are starting to see snow. If we are lucky maybe we can drive in a bit of snow.YES!!! SNOW!! This is really fun, it's a good thing we have heated gear, even at 43 degrees I can make myself sweat if I crank up the heat. Unfortunatley we may have got excited too soon. We come across a gate in the road which is not a good sign. But of couse Luke and I think we can make it no problem and drive around the gate. The snow does start getting heavier, some of it you can barely get a motorcycle around. Accourding to the gps it looks like we are almost throught the pass and the best part of the road is comeing up soon. Maybe we can make it through.We can't. So we do what we always end up doing.This causes an interesting problem. We are only 50 kilometers from Anca's grandparents, but now we have to drive back and around the mountians which is about 350 kilometers. I don't think we are going to make it there tonight. So we decide to go eat at one of the restraunts we passed earlier and decide what to do. We got on skype and called Anca so she could tell her grandparents we weren't going to make it today. Now it's time to find a place to stay.
We find a place for 70 RON with two beds and is nice and warm. We still have a few hours of daylight and figure we should go out and explore. This mine shaft looked awesome, it's too bad it had ankle deep water that was near freezing. Otherwise it would be awesome to go in and peek around.Now it's time to get some exercise. There is a trail heading straight up the mountain so we have to take it. We are like cats, we always want to be as high as possible. At the top of the trail we came to a small shepherds area. It is amazingly beautiful up there. It made us think of the sound of music. Yes, we may have sang a little when were up at the top. Definitly the most amazing scenery of the trip so far.Then Luke had to get a little Adam Y artsy.On the way down we ran into this guy. It was cold out and he was very slow. Tomorrow we pound out 300 kilometers and see Anca's family.



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