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Entry 62 // Vad

Update by: Nick | May 16th 2011

We wake up at 8:00 a.m. ready to ride so we can get to Anca's early in the day. The good news is the weather is nice. Ok the weather sucks, it's 50 degrees and raining. Thank you heated gear!We start back tracking, but we don't really want to go the route the gps says to. The maps we are using for the GPS aren't the best, half the roads in Romania aren't in it. We know there are some back roads that would save us an hour or two, but we are having some problems finding those back roads. We find one we think is right,, but the locals tell us it's impassable, then they tell us the quicker route to get to where we are going.Driving is slow going on the wet curvy roads. Then it happens again, Luke's bike breaks. The same old same old - 9 long. We made it almost 500 miles with no problems this time, maybe with a 15 minute idle we can make it another 500 miles. We made some friends while we let the bike ilde.Even with the rain, riding through Romania is amazing.This new route to Anca's ended up taking us through Bran. Bran is famous for having the Casle of "Dracula". So we stop to take a tour and snap a few pictures of Dracula's Caslte.The castle is only about 30 minutes from Anca's. The GPS says otherwise. There is a short cut Anca took me on 3 years ago, lets hope I can remember. Yes I do, it's not long before we arrive in Vad. We are greeted with a Romanian buffet and a hot shower.This a typical Romanian dish, some short of meat and rice stuffed cabbage. They are really good.Luke and I do our best to communicate, they don't speak any English and we don't speak an Romania, it make it kind of fun. After a hot shower we go explore the village.A local guy we met.Then we explored the garage and Luke saw something that caught his eye. I think he wanted to trade his motorcycle for this car to finish the trip.The next morning was the same, we ate way too much. Now it's time to pack up and leave. They want to help us out on the trip so they start packing our bags with left overs. after the left overs are packed they realize there is more room in our bags. The next thing I know I have 4 jars of jam and 1 jar of honey packed in my boxes. What am I going to do with all this? The glass bottle with never make it untill the end of the trip, not to mention the only reason I have room in my backs is all my bulky gear for rain and warmth are being worn. Oh well, we happily accept the gift and start to say good bye.Luke also wanted that white, flat-billed, New York hat. It looks Anca's grandpa and Luke have similar tastes. Now we are off to Budapest.


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