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Entry 64 // Barbeque

Update by: Luke | May 24th, 2011

We arrived in Bucharest, Romania on friday 4:00 p.m. This is the one of only two KTM dealers in Romania and the only one that has the diganostic software to fix my bike with. If these guys can't help me, than I am really up a creek without a paddle. (or stuck in Romania with a non fixable bike.) I stick my head inside the work shop and see that they have another 690 on the computer already. This is a good sign. They have worked on 690's. I talk to the owner of the bike (Bob.) He has had the bike since it was new and has had very few problems with it. He drove it to Mongolia and the bike has about 10,000 K on the clock. It's nice to hear a positive 690 story. He takes off and mechanics hook my bike up to the computer next. No waiting till monday. I like this.

Mean while, Nick finds out that there is a BMW dealership 1 mile down the road. He heads down there to see if they can do some warrenty work on his bike. He has a leaking head gasket and fork seals. His bike came with a 3 year 36,000 mile warrenty for America. Over seas that warrenty changes to a 2 year unlimited miles warrenty. Luckily his bike is still under two years old, so they are going to take care of his problems for free. Unluckily They can't get to his bike until Wednesday and today is friday. Luckily that gives the KTM dealer here that many more days to find my problem and fix it. Unluckily, my bike is already fixed by the end of the day. The dealer adjusted the TPS and took the bike for a spin and says it's ready to go. I don't believe it because we have already done this in Istanbul, but what can I do? I pay for my two hours of labor and say thank you.

While my bike was being worked on I hear this guy slide around the corner in a Subaru with an abrupt hault at the KTM dealer. I start talking to this guy (Thomaz) and tell him about our trip and everything. He invites us to stay at his place for the night. This is awesome. He takes off and says he will be back soon to take us to his place. Now Bob shows back up and also offers us a place to stay tonight. We already made plans with Thomaz, but this is amazing. The Romanians are such nice people. Eastern Europe is treating us very well.

Thomaz shows up as he said and we all take off for his place downtown. A few miles into the trip and my bike barks from the exhaust and throws the same code. I'm actually relieved. It's a good thing that it happened again so soon. I didn't want it to happen 300 miles later when we have already left town. I limp the bike to Thomaz's place and we settle in doing laundry, and taking showers.

The next morning Nick, Thomaz and I race our bikes down to the dealership. This time Thomaz is on his 990 Adventure and it's definitally work to keep up with him in the streets. Thomaz drives fast, and sometimes in the opposite lane. At the dealership we are met by some riders waiting to meet us. I knew about our trip and somehow new that we were in town. We are invited to a barbeque for the afternoon and we happily accept. I tell the mechanic what happened to my bike and we hop in the van expecting a short ride to a back yard barbeque. Well, it wasn't a short ride. About 2 hours later and we are 50 k outside of Bucharest. These guys like to do a proper barbeque. They don't mess around. You see on the weekends, everyone barbeques so in order to get a good spot you have to be clever and drive pretty far out. Well the spot they took us too was indeed nice and no one else was there. A few bikers rode in from town on dirtbikes to meet us in the van.Fire up the grillDead eye Nick hit the target more times than anyone else.Radu is the one who brought the bow. He rides a KTM 640 and is very proud of it.Did I mention he is very proud of his bike?Radu is also following our blog and knows how sometimes I take pictures of poop. He proudly came over and showed me a picture of a pile on his phone. I started laughing immeditally, and pulled out my phone to showhim the same picture. I already saw the pile and took this photo earlier. It was a good laugh.All good things must come to an end, so into the evening we head back into town. It starts raining on the way so we get dropped off at Thomaz's place. We can pick up the bikes in the morning.




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