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Entry 65 // The rest of Bucharest

Update by: Luke | May 24th, 2011

The rest of Bucharest can be summed up in a few photos.

McDonnalds,Paul,and hanging out at Demendor KTM.I can't take the easy way out by only posting photos so I'll explain a few things.

Let's start with Thomazs. First off he is the man. That needs to be said from the beginning. He took us into his home just after already having a house full of people the week before. It was awesome to be able to have a home base while my bike was being fixed. We had showers clean beds and could leave our stuff laying around where ever. Thomasz is a great host always paying for our meals and showing us a good time. Evenutally he had to go to work one of the days so he took us in with him. He had his assistant make us coffee and got us the WiFi password so we could play on the internet. This does not suprise me as Thomaz does take care of business but mostly likes to have a good time. Here is a shot of him hard at work.I'm sure there is more to it than signing papers, but he is pretty good at signing papers. I watched him do it over and over. If Thomaz could have me tell one thing about it, I am sure it would be his love for "The King." I'm talking about Elvis. We spent what seemed like hours being taught the history of "Elvis" via YouTube, a Documentary, and Thomaz's singing. Elvis was in the Car, Elvis was in the house, Elvis was on the TV, Elvis was on his face. That's right Thomaz has some one off Elvis TCB sunglasses. That stands for (Taking Care of Business.) They are made by the same guy that did them for Elvis himself. You can't buy these anywhere, you just have to know the guy.

This is Thomaz mid-history lesson.We also gave Thomaz a lesson in American dining and he loved it. He tells the girls at the counter. "We want cheeseburgers, lots of them!"

Next lets talk about Paul. He showed up at the KTM dealer one day on a KTM 990. Apparently he has a ton of bikes and works in the mining business. He was talking to us about doing trips and what not. We all made plans to go out for the evening. The shop was about to close and the mechanics said my bike was finished and to take a ride. Paul said he would do a ride with me, which was pretty nice because the weather was garbage out. Just dark dreary and sprinkling. We take off planning on doing 100 k before we come back for dinner, but only 2 k down the road my bike throws the same code. Paul employees an ex KTM mechanic and knows some higher ups in the KTM company so he made some phone calls to see if anyone could help me out. He got the same answers that everyone else has been saying. We did a 15 minute idle just for the heck of it, but of course that didn't work.We limped the bike back to Thomazs garage and we all went out for dinner at a really nice place. Paul has stories for days and we all had a great time laughing and forgetting about bike problems. The next day Nick emailed Paul his resume. Paul periodically highers engineerers and it's been a dream of Nick's for a while to work in Europe.

The brings us back to hanging out at the Dementor KTM.What I have noticed is that the KTM and BMW dealers are hit or miss. in Bucharest KTM was a hit and BMW was a miss. The orange atmosphere was so frendly and causual. I worked with the mechanics trying to help diagnois the problem. I have the most saddle time so it's beneficial to have me explain the symphtoms instead of being locked out in the lobby. over the 5 days that we worked on the bike we became friends. It was good to see everyone there in the morning. It was fun to talk and hang out. By the last day, the head mechanic was sick of the computer software and decided to tune the bike by ear. He got the bike running with no faults and sounding good with no computer attached. I took the bike for a spin and this time it took 13 miles until the fault came back. By now the mechanic does not know what to do. We have changed the throttle body, changed the EUC's, changed the relays, and adjusted the TPS and remapped more times that you can think. We checked for continuity on the wires leading to and from the throttle body. Everything checks good. At some point you just have to call it. You can't go on for ever. I give John from Rally Raid a phone call. I tell him my problem and he says, get to the UK and I'll lend you a bike to finish your trip on. Holy Cow, What an offer. I'll drive the broken bike there and finish the trip on a loner 690. Now all we have to do is get to the UK. It's 1,500 miles away. We will leave in the morning.




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