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Entry 66 // Leaving Bucharest

Update by: Luke | May 22th 2011

We really enjoyed our time in Bucharest. We made lots of friends who I hope I can keep in contact with. Romania is definitally a place I want to come back to again. One of the downfalls of living on the road is that you can't stay forever. You make friends, then you leave them behind. This is another case of that as it is again time to pack up camp and head west towards John at Rally Raid which Nick and I now call JARR. Thomasz doesn't want us to leave, so he decides to come with us for the day. He grabs some day gear and we hit the streets, but first we stop by the KTM shop to say good bye to the mechanics and our good friend Andreena with two "E's." Andreena has a really good sense of humor and gave us parting gifts. During the week we were here Andreena would make us the best coffee everyday and pretend to not get tired of us teasing her and lounging around the shop. She made us feel at home which is not like most dealerships. Thanks Andreena.That's right it's a KTM pasifier. This shop has everything KTM. My favorate was the KTM toaster. It brands a KTM logo on your bread. We take a bunch of pictures and complete the goodbye process and we are off. Thomasz takes the lead to get us out of town the fastest way possible which involves a few short cuts.Which leads us to thisThe traffic is so bad in this city you have to do whatever it takes to get out.Sometimes the other side of the road is faster. We probably saved 1/2 an hour here by driving on the wrong side of the road for 1 K.Before we can even get out of town my bike has a new problem. My battery warning light comes on. I have to stop to fix this. Why is my battery not charging? It's probably the ground that I temperally fixed a week ago. I kill the engine and try to restart it. Nope, the battery is indeed dead. The horn will only make a slight buzz. I take off my right side tank to see if my ground wire came loose. Nope, it's still tight. Hmm... This is really strange. Just for kicks I try to start the bike. It fires right back up and the horn buzzs strong. The battery wasn't dead. I am so confussed. There is nothing to do, but put the tank back on and keep driving.

Nick, Thomasz and I drive the 2 hours to the town of Petisti. This is where we will part ways, and this is where deja vu starts to kick in and will last for the next 48 hours. Petisti is the same town where we split up with Ben earlier. We park in the same parking space as we did before and take Thomasz to our same restaurant. We order the same food and take the same good bye photo.Last time Ben took a picture of Nick holding me. This time we got Thomas to hold us both.Apparently Petisti is a place to leave people and say goodbye. Bye Thomasz and thanks for the good times in Bucharests


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