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Entry 67 // The Push to Vienna

Update by: Nick | May 28th 2011

Romania was awesome, but we have to leave and make it to Vienna. We leave Thomas and try to make up some time since we got a late for the day. We don't make it very far for the day, but at least we can wake up early and make up some serious time. We decide to just stay at a hotel we stayed a week ago on way to Bucharest. It seems easier to get a hotel we had before so we don't have to find a cheap hotel. Plus, we know this hotel is a block away from a McDonalds. We even got the exact same room as last time. There has been a lot of deja vu going on. It even increased when we go out side and see the same BMXer Luke chased across the street last time.I showed a picture earlier saying how much Luke likes the small coffees from the vending machine. That was just an excuse to show this deja vu picture. Same gas station fill up, same coffee, same picture.For the next 100 kilometers we drive down a familiar road heading to Sibiu. We are trying to make it to Vienna by tonight which is going to be tough, we slept in way to late and didn't get on the road until noon. Oh well, it happens. After a few hours on the road Luke spots a gem of a place to eat.We drive through Romania, but it takes longer than expected. The border into Hungary took only a few minutes. The only thing we had to do was buy a vignette (or something like that).
As soon as we get into Hungary we start looking for an ATM. We find a city 15 kilometers into the country, but before we get to an ATM we stumble across a biker rally and stop in to see what's going on.We don't stay long becase we have an entire country to drive through and the sun is about to down. 20 Kilometers from the rally is the highway that will take us to Vienna. This will really save us some time. The drive to the highway was amazing.Then we got a nice surprise. I guess this ferry doesn't run anymore.Now we have to drive back to the city where the biker rally was and take a different route. It's not long before we are on the highway and making up time. We drive until about 1:00 in the morning but made it past Budapest so we don't have to drive through it in the morning. Now we only have 3 hours to drive in the morning. Lets Camp! This spot isn't as stealthy as normal. It's next to the exit ramp in some trees next to a building.We wake up early and drive straight to Lukas' house. It was cold and rained the whole way there. We found Lukas with no problems and he showed us his garage where we parked our bikes and went to hang out the rest of the day. Lukas gave us the quick culture tour of Vienna, we even went inside the cathedral.After seeing all the culture Lukas took us to his parents house. They have a really nice house. After talking with them for an hour Lukas took us up to the balcony which had to have the best view of Vienna.The way to the balcony was pretty fun.Lukas suggested we do some rock climbing. This sounds like a lot of fun, it's been awhile since we've done some rock climbing plus we could use the exercise. This was also the coolest climbing wall I've ever seen. I think Lukas said it was a former gun battery from WW2 which is now an aquarium/climbing wall. The other cool thing about it was you didn't need a saftey course to use it, just pay 10 euro and have a blast. The uncool think about the wall was it was closed. Oh well, I guess we will find another way to entertain ourselves.It's always a treat when other join in on the handstand game. Lukas even was down for the duo.We went back to Lukas' garage to get some stuff we left on the bikes. After awhile Luke without the "as" decides to tear apart his bike and check for frayed wires. Maybe a bare wire is causing the 9 long problem.Luk with the "as" is taking the afternoon off work tomorrow to show us a real treat. This is going to be awesome!


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