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Entry 68 // Track Day

Update by: Luke | May 30th 2011

LukasM had a special treat lined up for us on Sunday Afternoon. He was going to take us to the local track to ride his Supermoto bikes. This is pretty awesome as I have always wanted to ride one but have never had the chance. Now I get to ride one on a closed course track which will be that much better. This is going to be fun. Unfortunatly we were rained out on Sunday, and LucasM has to work monday. LukasM really wanted us to be able to ride the bikes, so he did something that he said he has never done before. He took a 1/2 day off. That's right, we are going to the track.

This means Nick and I can sleep in and catch up on our blog a little. Actually, I didn't get to do any computer work. I had to put my 690 back together. I had it all torn apart last night looking for a short somewhere. I never found anything, but I am getting really good at taking it apart and putting it back together. LukasM shows up in the afternoon. We load up and take off for the track. It is a 45 minute ride out into the country. We got two bikes and three people in this cargo van. Whenever LukasM gave the word, I had to duck down so the cops wouldn't see me seatless in the back. (We are no longer in Africa.)

At first we thought that the track was closed, no one was there, but LukasM found the guy and he gave us a great deal. We paid our money and geared up. ATGATT.Nick has also never done this before so we were of course all smiles.And the fun starts...LukasM scraping a peg?LukasM is fast. Right here he is probably lapping me.I try desperatly to keep up with him.But I never catch up.Nick was really getting comfortable out there.It was such a good time. Thanks for risking your bikes with us LukasM.I think LukasM might get a kick out of this video.


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