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Entry 69 // Easy day of Driving

Update by: Nick | May 24th 2011

The plan is to wake up at 6:00 in the morning and drive all day. Surprisingly we do it. 6:00 comes and we both get up out of bed and start packing up. Lukas isn't home from his girlfriends house yet, because he didn't believe we would wake up in time. So unfortunately we don't get to say goodbye.
The drive starts out pretty cold, and we are pretty happy to have heated gear. We drive none stop to our first destination for the day - KTM factory in Austria. Maybe they will give us the time of day.We can't get anybody to help us. We also can't stay all day trying to get in touch with someone willing to look at it, so we make the call to leave and head to the UK like planned.
All we do is drive, we only stop for gas. The German autobahns help us make some headway. OK, they really don't help us at all. Two enduro bikes loaded up with gear with dirty sleeping bags hanging off the back don't really drive fast, so no sped limit roads aren't very useful to us.
After a few hours of mindless cruising we stop for some gas. At this point Lukes bike starts acting normal again, and by normal I mean something is wrong with it and we have no idea what it is. The bike seems to be having problems charging. He has a dead battery, but we have no idea how. The battery seems to be fine, it's just not getting any charge. So we decide to start swaping batteries, maybe we can just change batteries every 200 miles until we get to the UK. All we have to do is make it to the UK.Since our batteries our different sizes we have to do some finagleing to get them to work, but first I hook Lukes battery up backwards when I install it in my bike - whoops! Now we can pound out a few hundred more miles. But first a tasty meal.The rest of the drive goes pretty well, besides the fact that it is cold and wet. The good news is we never had to change batteries again. We push as far as we can for the day and make it 45 kilometers from Brussels, before we pull into our campsite. Not a bad day, 700 miles in one day. We also found a really nice campsite just off the highway.Ok, it's really a truck stop, we just put our tent in the grass behind a semi to block the view from the gas station window.Tomorrow...England!


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