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Entry 72 // The rest of Rally Raid

Update by: Luke | May 8th 2011

Now that we know for certain that my bike is fixed, we can start with a plan to get out of here. Nick looks online and finds a ferry to take us from the UK to Denmark. This will save us some time driving back south through France, Belgium and the Neatherlands. It also saves us some money on the chunnel. It's a win win, but it doesn't leave for three days. So for day one we dial in our bikes.

Nick has a BMW, but that doesn't mean he has the personality of a BMW rider. That's probably why his front rim was so dented and it also explains the beautiful homemade KLR-type gas/water tank brackets attached to the passanger peg mounts. Another example is how he works on his bike. Leaning it over is just fine.Nick is trying to bend back his centerstand mounts from when he hit a rock back in Africa. John comes over with a big wrench to help bend it back.While John is distracted I start robbing parts off of his rally bike.Right here I am stealing his S.A.S. valve, but by the end of the day I had a whole pile of parts. In fact, I should make a list of everything he gave me.

*Voltage Regulator
*S.A.S. Valve
*Rear Sprocket
*Rear Tire
*Brand new Chain
*Spare Rivot Links
*Garmin 276 Cable

Talk about a generous man. Especially because half of these parts came off of his own bike which he was taking to a Adventure rider show for the weekend, along with a show bike. He loaded everything up in the van, and would be leaving in the morning. This ment that we had the whole day to ourselves. A great chance to catch up on our blog which we are desperatly behind in, but first I need to finish with my bike.

An oil change, chain and sprockets and a fresh tire finished the day up.With the bikes all fixed up we move on to other repairs. Nick's intercom is not working well and I learn how to sow.

Apparently John's a great cook too. Pizza for lunch!!!John's whole family is really cool because they are so passionate about what they do. One of their sons works for Nisson making fuel efficent 800 cc gas cars. His wife's passion is horses and rides pretty much everyday. The horses also like John and Nick too.After all the work, John comes out with a trials bike to mess around on for a bit. Both Nick and I have never rode one before. They are really fun. Just putting around with it, you use 3rd gear. It's so light and quiet. I could see myself buying one, if I ever got a place to live. It was a nice treat to end the day.John takes us out for one last meal at a local pub for dinner. You can't go wrong with Fish and Chips while in England.Thanks John so much for everything. The list goes on forever, so I'll just leave it at that. Blog catch up in the morning.


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