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Entry 73 // London

Update by: Luke | June 8th 2011

Ok, I said in the last post that we were going to update our blog. We changed our minds. You are only in England once, and especially considering that we had a whole free day to ourselves, we decided to ignore our internet friends and go to London to see what all the fuss is about. It's easy to get there too. We drove our perfectly running bikes fifteen minutes down the road into Bedford, England. From there we took a 1 hour train a main station and hopped on the subway from there. Quick and easy. From the subway we immerge to see Big Ben right above our heads. It looks like we are in a different time zone. My phone is off by 1 hour.You know we have been on this trip for close to 5 months at this point. The novelty has worn off. This is no longer vacation. This is just our life. We live day to day like everyone else. Seeing things like London is unfortunatly no longer special, it is a normal part of our day. It's a hard feeling to explain. I don't want to sound ungrateful for being here because it is cool, but I know many people would appreciate it more than myself. I never was a famous city person anyway. This trip into town really makes me realize what is important to me. It's not seeing things and going to famous places. It is my friends. I miss them all a ton. I really can't wait to get back to Michigan to hang out in parking lots and laugh about inside jokes. It's the simple things in life really. I'm learning a lot on this trip.

I specifically remember the conversation Nick and I had here on the bridge looking at the famous sites in the city. Our trip is almost over and we both are deciding what to do with our lives next. I am so very thankfule to be able to do this trip. It clears my mind of wondering "what if." I am living life with no regretts, and that is a great feeling, but standing on this bridge people watching really makes you think. Everyone is fresh and excited looking about and snapping photos. Nick and I are content here on the bridge with no further urge to see another famous castle or building. We were very fresh 5 months ago, but a lot has happened since then, and I for one am ready to come home where ever that may be.

But when in London, see London, so we build up ambition and walk around. These are my style of buildings. I love the modern style with lots of glass.Of course this interests me because it's so strange. This lady was practicing her swing in a park that was too small for even one golfer. She was 100% into what she was doing, that is for sure. If you wanted you could really break down this photo and laugh about what is going down which is exactly what Nick and I did.Next are some more building that I know are famous, but I can't remember the names of. Some special Abbey?And then there is Buckingham palace which is a must see.Notice the real gaurd with the real gun and the real bullet proof vest.This was really funny, because he was clearly relaxed, talking and telling jokes, moving around, while the red coat had to stand still the entire time. 5 months deep into this trip and we are looking fairly homeless at this point.We could probably set up our tent right here and blend in with these guys.We pass out in the park for a few hours. The sun was shining it was nice and warm and a good long nap was just what we needed.Some fish and chips of course and we are back on the subway to bail out of here.One more famous city...CheckIt's dark when we get back to our bikes in Bedford, the clouds are coming in making a cool photo of the town.Back to the Rally Raid compound. I snoop around John's shop for a bit since he is still gone away at the adventure show. My plan is to blackmail him with some photos of his top-secret products he is working on. We should be able to leave for the ferry in the morning before John comes back and starts asking questions. It was a good day.


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