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Entry 74 // Boats and old friends

Update by: Nick | June 8th 2011

Our bikes have not been in this good of condition since leaving America. John really helped us get our bikes back in working order. Now we have a short 130 mile drive to the ferry we are taking to Denmark. We arrive at the ferry with a few hours to spare. Nowwe just have to get our tickets. After asking around in the car waiting area we find out where we need to go to buy our tickets. When we get there we are greeted by three ladies who love cracking jokes. This is awesome and we fit right in. They warn us about the price of going through Sweden and Norway and tell us our best place to eat for cheap is McDonalds. This causes all sorts of jokes about McDonalds, which causes us to show them the last picture we took on Luke's camera. Yes, it was us eating McDonalds.In thirty minutes we have our tickets. It only cost us 130 pounds each, which is expensive, but not if compared to the 100 Euro chunnel ride. At least on the ferry we get a place to sleep and make 400 miles toward our final destination.
Before we get on the ferry we stop at a supermarket. We know food on these ferries are expensive and we have a 18 hour ride. We don't feel like spending 15 dollars on a premade sandwich, plus we have a few british pounds we need to get rid of. We can't cook on the boat so we need to find something we can eat as is. We find it in the salad area. For 3 pounds we get a cafeteria trey size tupperware to fill up with what ever we want. It may not be the best tasting food, but 5 dollar salad, potato salad, couscous, and other random stuff beats a 15 dollar day old sandwich.
Now it's time to get on the ferry. While waiting we meet a fellow biker from Norway named Armstein and hang out with him the whole time on the boat.The ferry ride was very relaxing. We even got 15 minutes of internet which we used to the fullest. It helped us arange a meeting with a friend... and it worked. When we pulled off the boat guess who was waiting for us...Our good friend Ben. We were pretty excited to see ben again. In the short 15 minutes of internet we were able to chat with Ben on skype and he said he would meet us at the port. Now we get a day of riding with our buddy, but he brought some of his own surprises. He greeted us with real Danish food. No, they weren't danishes. It was black bread and liver sandwiches (I think that's what is was. Hopefully ben will chime in with a correction if I'm wrong) and his mom's homemade cake, and it was good. Now all we have to do is come up with a game plan. Ben get his map and plans on riding with us for part of the day. The plan is to split up at the first major bridge on the way to Copenhagen. We start off driving through the Danish countryside.Then we were forced to get on the motorway.Good eye! That sign did say middelfart.
Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end. Before they do Ben takes us to a Danish roadside diner, where we have some junk food and some of the best chocolate milk ever.Now its time for the sad goodbye again photo.While we are saying goodbye the food starts to hit us and we get sleepy. We hang out in the parking lot for awhile and in that time Ben convinces us to go with him to his friends house 30 kilometers away and stay there for the night. So off we go.Ben's friend loves motorcycles and we arn't there more than 2 minutes before we get down to business, AKA check out our rides and talk about them.While we are talking about the bikes their kids come out to say hello. They were dressed for the occation too, both decked out with shirts with American flags on them. What hospitality! The kids love sitting on the bikes and reving the engine.
It's not long before the neighbor wants in on the action and busts out his motorcycle.Then he busts out a few more.We spend the rest of the night hanging out and laughing with everyone. What a great place! It's too bad we have to leave early in the morning.


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