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Entry 75 // Sweden and more Sweden

Update by: Nick | May 28th 2011

We didn't get the start like we wanted to, but not the worst we've had. Unfortunately Ben's friends were gone by the time we woke up and we had to leave before they would be back. They left us with breakfast and a few gifts to take home with us. They have been very nice! Now we just have to say goodbye to Ben... again. After our goodbyes we hit the road and enjoy the Danish countryside along with a few long bridges.Denmark has been covered with windmills, and apparently half sunk boats.It isn't long before we cross the boarder into sweden. There is no way we can make it through sweden today, but we are going to put in some long hours, or at least that is the plan. First we need to stop and find some internet. We shoot for one of our favorite places...McDonalds. All the McDonalds in Sweden have free Wifi, which is very good for us. This particular McDonalds seems to be pretty fancy and progressive. They had a very serious recycle area and even charging stations for electric cars.During our internet session I have the chance to talk to my brother on skype who used to live in Sweden. He gives us an unexpected treat. Since he used to travel around Scandanavia a lot for business, he has enough points with a hotel chain to put us up for the night for free. After looking at a map and finding a hotel within our driving distance we have one booked. Now we have a free place to stay with free internet and free breakfast not too bad.
We leave McDonalds and start driving mindlessly to our hotel. We stop for gas and fill up. On the way out I get a little too frisky with the onramp. After driving my bike for 5 months it's become easier and easier for me to scrape the gas can mounts on the corners. So naturally I'm always trying to scrape them longer and more often. Well, this time I tried too hard. I dropped the bike too quick into the corner and instead of just scraping the mounts, I caught the mounts on the pavement causing my back wheel to come of the ground. The next thing I know I am sliding on my side and then my face. Luckily nothing was seriously broken and I wasn't injured. All that happend is my face sheild was scraped making it difficult to see, and my hip is a bit bruised. Not too bad. I'm sure I was due for a fall anyway.
We pick my bike off the ground and head to the hotel and it is a nice hotel. We blow up the hotel room with all our junk and then go to the restraunt and see what the damage is going to be to eat. Scandanavia is horribly expensive, and this Hotel is no different. It costs us $25 each for dinner. At least it is all you can eat and tastes amazing. We both eat until our stomachs hurt and then go up one last time.We sleep in longer than expected and try to make up some miles. All day we drive on the E4. After we pass stockholm it starts to get more exciting for riding. The country side is nice. It reminds us both of the UP and Canada.Where is this guy going? Doesn't he know it's 45 degrees outside and too cold for one of those?Well, it's about 10 in the evening so we need to find a place to camp. There are small lakes everwhere so we start taking dirt roads looking for a place. It's not too long before we find a decent spot. We take a short walk then start a fire. We bought some bread at a gas station so our meal is big franks and bread with hard boiled eggs for breakfast/pre lunch snack. Oh...for those of you who don't know, big franks are vegitarian hot dogs that my dad brought us in Turkey. Mmmm..do they taste good. We finally set up the tent and get to sleep around 12:30 and it's still light out. I guess we are now in the 24 hour of light zone.


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