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Entry 76 // Break down one last time

Update by: Nick | June 9th 2011

This time we wake up early and hit the road at a decent hour. But first a quick photo shoot.For some reason Luke's bike has been actiin a fool, not to be confused with the Ludacris song from 2fast 2furious (Not really sure what that refernce was all about). It started loosing a bit of power yesterday and today it seems worse. He thinks it might be the fuel filter so we start exploring towns to see what we can find to fix it. The first town we go to has nothing. The next decent size town is 50 kilometers up the road so we try our luck with that. When we get there we decide to find a McDonalds. No, not to eat at, just to use their free wifi. Luke calls John at Rally Raid to get his two cents. After a talk with John luke decides to check out the town and see if he can find an auto parts store. I wait at McDonalds and surf the web. After an hour Luke comes back and throws some keys into my lap. They are to a BMW motorcycle. It turns out he found a BMW dealership and his bike broke down and wouldn't start in the parking lot. So the dealership gave him a demo bike to come get me, and not just any bike; they gave him the keys to the most expensive one they had.When we get to the dealer Luke strips his bike down to examine the fuel pump. It turns out Luke had his fuel pump go out on him for the second time this trip.Luckily this time it went out near a dealer. And I don't mean the BMW dealer. I mean the KTM dealer down the road. Luke takes my bike to see what he can find out. Meanwhile I find out that the BMW dealer has a face shield in stock for my helmet. So I replace my scratched one with a new one...what a difference!
Luke comes back with some great news. The owner of the KTM dealer was amazing and helpful. He said Luke could take the fuel pump out of one of the brand new 690s they had on there floor and Luke could just replace it. This meant we could get back on the road today. Not only could we do this, but John from Rally Raid is shipping a new fuel pump from the UK to the dealer in Sweden. This means Luke gets to save a few hundred dollars since the fuel pumps here costs $800 and the one from John will cost $350. We can't believe this. This means Luke can take the pump out of a brand new bike with only his word that another pump will be on it's way. Luke asks the owner why he is so nice. The owner replied, "this is a small town, you can't survive unless you're nice". I think both these dealers are a hit.
Luke gets to work taking apart the other 690 at the KTM dealer.The OwnerIt's not long before Luke has the fuel pump swapped out and we are ready to go. In total it took only 7 hours from the time the pump died to the time we were back on the road.So far we haven't made it very far today, but we did manage to break a fuel pump, find one, and get it fixed. The good news is that the sun doesn't set here, so we have plenty of time to make some distance tonight. We also had some AMAZING views.We made it.This was our spot in the morning. and it wasn't much darker than this when we set up camp.I think it's 1:30 in the morning when we finally set up c amp and got ready to sleep. The last 2 hours have been rough. The tempature while riding dipped down to 28 degrees. It's going to be a cold night.Tomorrow we will make it to Nordkapp!.......(hopefully)


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