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Entry 77 // Almost there

Update by: Luke | May 8th 2011

Our sense of time is plane screwed. It has not been dark for the last two nights, and it's only compounding as we continue north. Honestly it doesn't even mater what time it is. Most of the gas stations will sell you gas when they are closed if you use your credit card. We just need to make sure we carry some food with us and we can drive round the clock if we choose. There is no danger of hitting animals at night because there is no night. We are however off of the main roads that had the Moose fences along the way, so we do need to watch out for Moose and Reindeer. I saw this one a few days back and snapped a photo. It was the 5th one we had seen, but the first that I managed to snap a photo of.The reindeer are everywhere and Nick loves going after them.These ones are a wee bet bigger, they like digging up the ground for whatever.I also spotted a fox which was cool.We are now on the home stretch of hitting our goal. Reaching the highest point in Europe. 71.5 degrees Latatude. There are many people in the area doing the same thing. A lot of campers, a lot of motorcycles, not a lot of bicycles. I really respect these travelors.I never would have guessed it, but there is actually some farming above the Artic circle.We have about 400 miles to reach our goal and we start seeing signs of cold.Then it straight up gets cold. I think it's so cool to have reached such extreem temperatures and landscape on this trip.We end up at the last main town in Norway before Nordkapp with plans to gas up and eat a hot meal. Plans change when we scope out the restaurants. The cheapest meal on the menu was $40. with many being $50-60 for a regular standard meal. Nothing fancy. I notice a hotdog and pop at the gas station is $18. We head for the grocery store and pick up a loaf of bread and can of chilli to go with the Veggie Big Franks that Nick already has. We keep driving with plans to camp and eat at the top. It really feels like Kilimanjaro all over again. Just pushing and pushing getting closer and closer. It's not hard, but it's chilly and we can taste it being so close.

The road starts getting more interesting along this small canyon.Nick is checking out the river as his passion is white water kayaking.We are getting closerI didn't do any Nordkapp research so the tunnels suprised me. Yes, tunnels, there are more than one.Eventually we come up to the main tunnel. This one is about 4 miles long. It's unbelievable. It goes underneath the water and comes up on the Island on the other side. Once again. I didn't know we were going to an Island. We pop up on the other side with a hefty toll to pay. Around $60 each. There is a really small fishing town that we stop in to refuel at $9.50 a gallon. This town is apparently the northernmost permenant town in Europe if not the world? I need to look that up. Doesn't matter though, it's up there. We drive around and take some photos. It looks like the industry is fishing and mining.15 more miles and we will have reached out goal. Talk about a strange feeling. Everything we have done for the last 5 months has been for this moment. I will never be able to describe how I feel in this town.


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