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Entry 78 // Done

Update by: Luke | May 8th 2011

This is the last entry and it feels just as strange writing about it as it did living it out. Every decision for the last 5 months has been based on come here, and now we are only 15 miles away. We are going to make it. We will be there in 20 minutes. I am excited, but in a mature way. Not excited in the sense of your birthday or Christmas when you are ten. Is it relief? No, I don't think so. I can't put my finger on how I feel and I'm not even there yet. Let's just get there first and I'll talk more about it at the top.

The road leading to the top is absoultly gorgeous.I don't knowhow to write about this. I can not put feeling into words. We pay a lady who obviously lives here and is socially different, and drive past the building right up to the fence where people are walking around snapping photos. There is a brisk cold wind, but it doesn't bite though our gear. All the other vehicles are in the parking lot. We drove right to the end. I set up the camera and we take a few photos. It's around midnight I believe.I set up the video camera and we do an interview giving our thoughts. What else is there left to say? We did it. It's over. like Forrest Gump said. "I think I'm going home"

I will put our interview video up here when Adam finishes the intro. It is proof that it's all about the journey and not the destination. This is the most boring video of the whole trip.

The trip is complete. Thanks for everyone who was following us along. I hope you learned at least a little bit more about the world. There is a lot out there.

Luke and Nick


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